The CCGS continues to offer two unique opportunities to those who descend from early residents of Charlevoix County, Michigan.

An Ancestral Family Certificate is offered to anyone who can prove their descent from an ancestor who resided in Charlevoix County 100 years or more ago.

A Pioneer Family Certificate is also available. These certificates are issued to those descendents whose pioneer ancestors resided in Charlevoix County in 1870 or earlier.

In documenting your pioneer ancestors, you will not only be helping to preserve the records of your family and the history of the families of Charlevoix County, this is also a wonderful opportunity for you, as a genealogist and family researcher, to receive recognition for your hard work! This is also a very unique opportunity to not only document your own ancestor's life, but also assure that future generations are made aware of your connection to these early pioneers and pioneer families.

CCGS Ancestral & Pioneer Certificate Application

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